When it comes to aesthetic consultations to look and feel better, Botox is one of the first solutions offered. However, after seeing some unpleasant results, there are many doubts about its application. Here are the answers.

  1. When Should I Start Injecting Botulinum Toxin? To answer this, it’s important to explain what it involves. Botulinum Toxin causes temporary paralysis in the muscles where it’s applied, depending on the dosage.

Botulinum Toxin placement is a medical treatment based not on age but on skin characteristics and individual facial expressions. For example, young people might have a marked frown line that ages them or gives a false impression of tiredness or annoyance. In contrast, a person over 60 might not have the same marks due to different muscle strength. However, it’s not advised for those under 18.

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  1. Once I’ve Done the First Treatment, Must I Repeat It Regularly? It’s not obligatory, but to maintain effects, it should be repeated at least twice a year. Over time, the effects last longer, and sessions become less frequent.
  2. What Happens If I Decide Not to Reapply Botulinum Toxin? Will I Wrinkle More? No, once the effect ends, the unwanted wrinkles will simply reappear. This usually happens around 4 months after the application, but you will never be worse off than before.
  3. How Is It Applied? The toxin is applied through small injections in pre-selected and marked areas. Each design is individual and must be meticulously planned. It leaves no scars, causes no inflammation, is minimally painful, and doesn’t require anesthesia. Effects start to be noticeable after 4-5 days and fully establish after 15 days.
  4. Is It a Safe Treatment? Yes. Botulinum toxin has been used for over 25 years to safely and effectively treat ophthalmological and neurological disorders. Millions of people now use it for cosmetic purposes. Complications arise from poor medical technique, requiring precision. But there are cases where it’s absolutely contraindicated, such as in pregnant or breastfeeding women, those taking certain antibiotics like aminoglycosides and macrolides, patients with myasthenia gravis or neuromuscular pathologies showing muscle weakness, or if there are local infections at the injection site.
  5. I Want to Rejuvenate but Am Afraid of Artificial Looks. What Causes These? Often, doctors are responsible for these outcomes. It’s important to say “no” to some patients and advise them on the best treatment, as there must be a balance between seeking beauty and common sense. Plastic surgeons should help and educate patients to use dermocosmetic techniques in a natural and healthy way.
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